[Hallb-engineering] Dry run with TC and SD in Hall B

Doug Tilles tilles at jlab.org
Wed Jan 27 07:35:00 EST 2010

Dr. A.M. Sandorfi wrote:
> Hi Doug,
> We have been looking at layouts of the Hall with Pete Hemler and have
> figured out a way that should work for taking an HD target out of the
> Storage Dewar and loading it into the In-beam Cryostat. But the space is
> tight and there is the worry that something might be in the way that is not
> exactly reflected in the drawings. If so, it would be much better to find
> that out now so we can develop a workaround.

> While the Hall is open, I think it would be smart to try a dry run where we
> take at least the Transfer Cryostat to Hall B and try to lift the TC into
> the vertical position it would need to go into when loading an HD target.

> I've talked to Volker about this and he agrees. Could you work this into the
> schedule while the machine is down. In addition to Gary Dezern, I think we
> need some Tech help (Calvin?) to rig up some way to transport the TC to the
> Hall, and then at least a full day for the test. The TC is in a crate in the
> Warwick warehouse. The earliest we could find it is something like the end
> of next week. Is the 2nd week of February a possibility?
> Andy
> There is no space on the beam line to do any lifting. The FROST is in the way. and the Pair Spec is forward and the beam line is in place. The first thing we need to do is compleat the Super Conductor work and the power supply shipment for 12 GeV. This needs to take place tommorrow and Fri due to the fact of the Region 2 stringing fixture is due on Fri and needs to be put in the warehousr. Volker and Dave will need to set what I need to put on the schedule. If these items are added to the schedule we need more time and the run will need to be delayed. We have no slip in the schedule and no manpower. Gary is forklift and crane trained. and your guys know were the items are in storage.  DOUG

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