[Hallb-engineering] lost communication with torus IOC

Steve Christo christo at jlab.org
Wed Feb 2 07:27:49 EST 2011

The problem has been narrowed down to a loss of communication with the 
accelerator host "eosfs" but MCC has not been able to track down the 
person responsible for it yet. It seems to me that it would be far less 
trouble for us if the boot files resided locally so the IOC didn't have 
to go over the network to find them. There are at least 2 networks to 
negotiate plus at least one other host that is not ours, leaving us more 
vulnerable than we should be. If the reason for keeping the files on the 
accelerator host is that they want to keep track of revisions, then 
isn't possible to have a mirror site for the revisions in the hall that 
the IOC could find without having to go through such a circuitous path?

Steve Christo wrote:
> Went into to hall at 2:00 because the Torus IOC could not find the boot 
> file on the network. Cycled the power on the torus router but it didn't 
> help this time as it had 2 weeks ago. Am suspecting that a higher level 
> router or accelerator network is at fault. Marco called MCC to try to 
> get help but they called in a software person who, by the way, came to 
> the same conclusion. At the time of this writing, they are trying to 
> raise a network person who can help. Any of you guys know what/where the 
> Torus comms get their boot files from? A router somewhere in the 
> counting house?
> Steve
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