[Hallb-engineering] Engineering Group Meeting - and 6MSD Safety Meeting Summary

David Kashy kashy at jlab.org
Thu May 5 14:47:43 EDT 2011

Hi All,
I will be in a g2p/GEp readiness review all day (8:30-5) tomorrow. Bob 
and Doug are taking vacation, thus I have canceled the Engineering 
meeting. Next Friday I'll be on vacation and so the meeting next week 
may get canceled too. Stay tuned.

I'd like to summarize in a few short words the 6MSD Safety Meeting that 
was held this week.

Basically it boils down to:
1) Lots of work will be done in all areas of the lab.
2) Resources will be stretched.
3) No job is so important that safety should be compromised
4) Be aware of hazards and think before and while you are doing work 
(90/10 - my words not theirs)
5) Look out for each other. (Internal safety observations)
6) Plan your work
7) Hold daily safety briefings (discuss your work)
8) Hold weekly safety meetings (we do this with our engineering meetings 
when we discuss lessons learned and safety

If anyone wants to add to this please do so and reply to the list and 
this mail.

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