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Eddie Leung emleung1628 at aol.com
Sat Aug 11 13:49:05 EDT 2012

Dear Lionel,
It was nice working with you also.  
Best of luck in future.

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Dear all,
Tuesday will be my last day at JLab.
ost of you are probably wondering why I want to leave from Virginia, to 
scape from its beautiful summer weather conditions, and to stay away 
rom the amazing food served at the Quark Cafe.
nyway, I have decided to return to Europe and to start a new chapter of 
y professional carrier.
ver the last three years, I had the privilege to serve JLab and to work 
n a very challenging project.
lthough things were not easy every day, this has been a great adventure 
nd I will have learned a valuable experience, not only about magnets, 
ut more modestly about life!
 have shared and experienced with you some unforgettable moments and 
his email would be too dense if I would have to list all the stories I 
m presently thinking about...
he job was always interesting, it was sometimes difficult, but I have 
orked with very good engineers and technicians.
 wish you good luck for the future and be sure I will continue keeping 
n eye on the activities at JLab!
o conclude this farewell email, I would like to thank all of you, but 
ore specially two key persons: Ross Small, for his constant support 
henever I had hard time dealing with our Hall B magnets vendor, and 
ave Kashy, who is one of the best engineers I have met so far.
With my best regards,

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