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Subject: 	JLab Vehicle Fleet Information
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Please pass on the following information to JLab
Fleet vehicle drivers:

TRAINING:  Three training modules are now
available at the JLab Training&  Performance web site.

GEN 400:  Local Driving Conditions for JLab Fleet
Vehicles; Required for all JLab government vehicle

GEN 401kd:  E-85 Refueling Procedures:  Required
for all JLab government work truck drivers.

SAF 309:  Ford Fusion Hybrid Operators Guide:
Required for a hybrid electric vehicle drivers.


current JLab fleet vehicle assignments, specialty
equipment, fuel types, JLab contacts, and DOE
specified use goals.

The FACT sheet provides answers to frequent
questions by auditors, vehicle managers, and drivers.



Key Protection:  GoV keys must be controlled to
deny key access to those who are not licensed or
authorized to drive JLab vehicles.  Please review
your procedures to ensure vehicle keys are not
left unattended in open work areas.

1/4 Tank Re-Fueling Rule:  At a minimum, JLab
fleet vehicles should be refueled by drivers
before going below 1/4 tank.  Your assistance is
needed to help prevent other drivers from being
stranded with empty fuel tanks.  Please re-enforce
the 1/4 tank re-fueling rule.

Restricted use of cell phones by drivers: GoV
drivers must use a cell phone hands-free device to
receive and to make calls if the vehicle is
moving.  Text messaging, e-mailing, taking notes,
entering GPS addresses, and conducting electronic
searchs by a driver is allowed only if the vehicle
is at a complete stop and safely off the road.

Please refer questions to Kris Burrows 7548 or
Manny Nevarez at 7406.

Kris A. Burrows
Vehicle Control Officer
JSA/Jefferson Lab

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