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Lift gate work!!!   This is a sign of just how  a tail gate accident  
can happen on the simplest task,  let's all be careful when using ours.  
Please see picture and notice there are no bottle caps on.


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Director's Message

By Sam Aronson

This past Thursday we narrowly avoided tragedy.

We had a very serious safety incident on site and we're fortunate no one
was badly hurt. A worker was unloading a cart of six large cylinders
from a vendor's truck outside the building housing the PHENIX detector
when the cylinders tipped over and fell onto the worker. He received
scrapes to his elbows, one hand, and back. After receiving treatment at
the Occupational Medicine Clinic, he was able to return to work. Take a
moment to look at this picture of the scene
<http://www.bnl.gov/memo/images/dynamic/2012/cylinders-600px.jpg>  . You
can see how this incident had the potential to turn tragic.

This safety incident was classified as Significance Category 2 "near
miss" and reported to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The Lab has
started an investigation to determine how this occurred so we can learn
from the incident and put a remedy in place to prevent it from happening

This cylinder fall -- combined with other very concerning safety and
operational incidents during the past year -- puts the Lab's future at
risk. When incidents like this occur, Lab resources go to investigations
instead of science and operations needs, and damage is done to our
relationships with stakeholders, including the DOE and other funders. As
I have been talking about in great detail lately, we have been working
hard to address the Lab's safety and operational challenges, and I thank
you for your support.

I will update you as the investigation progresses regarding the cylinder

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