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The power outages for 480V PM began this morning at ~5am with the E3 
Unitsub (Blgs. E2, E3, E4) and will continue throughout the accelerator 
feeds for the next two+ weeks daily from 5am to 7am.

Harris Power has two crews working on this until they complete.  Bob 
Rice is the FML point of contact. The goal is to have this work done 
before cooling down the CHL. The Emergency Loop 480V power will not be 
done at this time.

The plan is to begin work at ~0500 and complete by 0700. This will be 
true for the remainder of the PM work. If there is a significant problem 
uncovered, then the re-powering might be delayed while the system is 
restored to good order.


For Thursday and Friday, the plan is to LTT power at Unitsub LS1 and 
begin performing PM at the West end of the SLSB, W1, W2, and W3. It is 
believed this will take two or more days (5am-7M ONLY). Additionally, 
the work Thursday and Friday will take down the Physics Storage Bldg, 
the Hall forklift building, and Cryo's K50 Building. Please make sure 
you are prepared for power to be interrupted. Both Cryo (M.Wright) and 
the Physics (W.Akers) have been briefed on the plan.

On Monday 3/10/13, power will be interrupted at Unitsub E6. PM will be 
performed throughout the SAB and E5 and will require LCW to be OFF to 
the FEL and B36. Trailer 59 will be without power. The SAB and all 
associated components will be without power (elevator, cranes, lights, 

For the SAB work, please plan on securing whatever needs to be 
gracefully powered down by C.O.B. Friday or plan on coming in early 
Monday for the work associated with Unitsub E6.

This rearranged order should be the least disruptive to the magnet 
mapping process. Thanks go to Ken Baggett for helping with this portion 
of the planning.

Updates will be made via ATLis comments and email. The daily plan and 
the plan into the foreseeable future will be reviewed daily at the 0800 
meeting in Bldg 87.

Questions, comments, and concerns can be directed to S.Suhring. x7670


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