[Hallb-engineering] CLAS12 detector portfolios

burkert burkert at jlab.org
Fri Sep 27 12:46:52 EDT 2013

Dear all,

If you are the author of one of the detector, magnet, or software 
portfolios for CLAS12, please have it updated by Monday September 30. If 
there is nothing to update please let Dan know. We will post the new 
versions October 1.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Volker Burkert

On 9/4/13 5:39 PM, burkert wrote:
> Dear all,
> A few months ago we established a new web page for CLAS12 that 
> contains some description of the purpose and function of the various 
> detectors, as well as technical specifications, construction status 
> and schedule. You can access the information at: 
> http://wwwold.jlab.org/Hall-B/clas12-web/.
> Some of you have provided detailed information on specifications and 
> project status through a 2-page portfolio that we would like to have 
> updated every 3 months. The date for the next update is September 30.
> If you are the owner of one of the 2-page detector portfolios please 
> make sure to have it updated by 9/30 and send the updated version to 
> Daniel Carman.  You may view your current version by clicking on the 
> link "specs" in the list of detectors below the CLAS12 3D view.
> Best regards,
> Volker Burkert

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