[Hallb-engineering] HPS shifts are on beginning Thursday, Dec. 4, SWING

Jaros, John A. john at slac.stanford.edu
Wed Dec 3 20:54:21 EST 2014

Dear All,

Hall B is scheduled to be locked up Thursday swing  when HPS shifts will resume. The HPS program
includes commissioning beam to the tagger dump, then to the Hall B dump, and ECal and trigger
commissioning and calibration.

Except for some brief interruptions, the machine plans to deliver beam until December 22. 

Everyone assigned shifts is expected to have taken all their safety training prior to taking their first shift.
This includes the Hall B walk through (call Stepan to arrange). Everyone needs a dosimeter to take shifts.

If you are unable to take shifts and haven't arranged for a substitute, please let me know asap.

John Jaros

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