[Hallb-engineering] Holiday Safety tip

Steve Christo christo at jlab.org
Mon Dec 15 09:06:26 EST 2014

As the Safety Warden of the TEDF Physics Area, I feel obliged to
pass on the following Holiday safety tip for those of you who choose to
ignore the safe practice of drinking beer from plastic cups.

It is estimated that up 1000 people a year die from opening champagne bottles.
Always hold the bottle away from your face when opening. Be sure the
bottle is aimed in a safe direction, away from overhead lights or
windows. Assuming you don't have carpal tunnel syndrome, twist the cork
off rather than pushing it off with your thumbs to control the
projectile. Remember, at up to 2 bars, champagne bottles are pressure vessels. As such,
they are heavy. Lift from your knees. Be prepared to put your mouth over
the open end of the bottle in case it overflows; avoiding spills that
pose potential slip hazards (try not to choke on it). Dispense into
plastic cups to avoid the potential for breakage from clinking cheers
and the subsequent laceration potential from cleaning up. Recommended
PPE should include face shield, rubber apron, gloves and steel toe
shoes. A first aid kit, including aspirator, should be on hand. Enjoy a
SAFE and happy Holiday season. Cheers!

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