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Incorrect Usage of Slings in Lifting Applications - Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS) 
Statement of Lessons Learned 
For a copy of the original report and pictures, see �Attachments� on Lessons Learned page. 

Synthetic slings are not to be used as tie-backs.  Once a sling has been utilized as a tie back, it can no longer be utilized for lifting. Discussion of Activities 
The condition pictured (See Attachment 1 � Material Handling7 pics.pdf) was discovered during a routine field inspection.  Inappropriate condition of the tiebacks include: knots, anchor points, and contamination. Analysis 
It is difficult, if not impossible to determining the number of times a tie down is shock loaded during a crane operation.  When synthetic slings are used as tie downs their lifting capability is severely compromised.  That, and the petroleum product contamination discovered, severely decreased their strength.

If these slings were shock loaded too many times, or later used in a lifting application, they would fail well below their Working Load Limit (WLL). Recommended Actions 
Below are the consequences of the above event.  They are provided for information and discussion purposes only. 

SRNS and SRR Solutions for Tie-Back Equipment
�	Use dedicated, color coded steel slings for tie backs. 
2/10/2014 9:21:02 AM by Bailey, Mary Jo 
Submitted to those with current �SAF402: CRANE OPERATION AND RIGGING
�SAF403: Overhead Crane Operator Qualification Training 	
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Hazard Issues 

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