[Hallb-engineering] Fwd: R1 Shipment from Idaho State to arrive Monday, Jan 13th due to weather delay

Douglas Tilles tilles at jlab.org
Tue Jan 7 14:23:33 EST 2014

This means we will proceed with FTOF installation on Fri.

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The R1 shipment has been delayed due to weather. It will now arrive on 
Monday morning.


On 1/3/2014 1:34 PM, George Jacobs wrote:
> Idaho State Univ. is shipping 2 truck loads of detectors and equipment 
> to the lab scheduled to arrive next Friday Morning, 10 Jan. Delivery 
> will be made to the EEL.
> The detectors are shipped on large wooden pallets with shock absorber 
> assemblies.  A Forklift will be used to unload the detectors from the 
> truck. Fork extensions may be required. The EEL overhead crane will be 
> used to remove the detector from the pallet and shock absorbers. The 3 
> detectors will be moved to rm 125.
> There will be equipment arriving as well. The equipment will be stored 
> in and behind the ESB.
> Thank you,
> George

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