[Hallb-engineering] On-Call Rotation Engineers/Techs/Designers

Dave Kashy kashy at jlab.org
Wed Nov 5 14:48:57 EST 2014

Hi All,
To be inclusive I'd like to include all who can be on call to be part of the rotation for Pre-CLAS12 and CLAS12 operations on-call.
For those who have been on call before you will be key in this and will also be counted on to train new folks. Being on-call can be tough, but it is a great way to expand your knowledge base and to learn more about the many aspects that go into running a large physics detector system.

For anyone who can not for health, personal or other reasons, please see me directly and we can discuss your involvement.

Operations of beam in Hall B are starting this weekend so even though CLAS12 is not complete, we need to have coverage for the hall to support the physics programs that will be going on while we finish CLAS12.

Volunteers welcome, but just because you do not volunteer does not mean you will not be in the rotation.

For those who do not know we will have system experts so not everyone is required to know all levels of all systems. Those experts are counted on to talk others through minor problems and come in and help with bigger problems when they occur.

We will talk more about this at this Fridays Hall B engineering meeting.


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