[Hallb-engineering] Shifts are canceled

Stepan Stepanyan stepanya at jlab.org
Sun Nov 16 09:39:44 EST 2014

Just to clarify, only shifts for remaining of the weekend (till Monday 
morning) are canceled!


On 11/16/14 9:34 AM, Stepan Stepanyan wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> Due to various problems we have not got any beam to Hall-B since we 
> lock the
> hall on Friday. Still some machine tuning is needed to get A & B on 
> line with D
> but as it stands now prospects of that are next to none. The Hall-D is 
> a priority
> hall and does not want to be interrupted. So the chances to get beam 
> to Hall-B
> now is less than 0% (we are in line after A).
> Therefore, Hall-B shifts are canceled, current shift expert 
> (Francois-Xavier) will
> ask to get the Hall to restricted access.
> Regards, Stepan
> RC

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