[Hallb-engineering] RC report

Stepan Stepanyan stepanya at jlab.org
Wed Nov 19 18:53:03 EST 2014

Dear all,

Today accelerator took a time from beam delivery for Hall-D to address 
several hardware and
beam tune issues that prevented multi-hall operations during the past 
week. At the moment
machine is still in the recovery mode. The plan is to establish two all 
operations first, for Hall-A
and -D within the next couple of shifts. Then get the Hall-B into the 
list over the weekend.
We plan to lock Hall-B on swing of Friday, November 21, and run over 
weekend. The beam destination
is the Hall-B tagger dump. The plan for the weekend is the same as for 
the last weekend (see run page).
We will get hall back to restricted access at 7am on Monday, November 
24, for hall work, in particular
to put the beam line through the torus assembly fixture. Hall will 
remain in restricted access throughout
the Thanksgiving holidays. The machine will be down during the 
Thanksgiving and plan to come back
on swing of Tuesday, December 2. Depending on how hall work will 
progress and how machine will
perform, we may lock the hall and resume beam running at the same time, 
swing of December 2.

Clearly HPS beamline and detector schedule slippage and the machine 
performance will eliminate some
of already scheduled HPS shifts. It is hard to tailor shifts to the 
floating schedule, so please, make sure
you will be on your assigned shift unless Run coordinator will send the 
email for cancellation.

This is my last report as a Run Coordinator, Nathan Baltzell (JLAB) will 
be the Run
coordinator for the next two weeks.

Regards, Stepan
outgoing RC.

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