[Hallb-engineering] JLab Open House - Hall B

Daniel Carman carman at jlab.org
Mon Feb 29 16:06:39 EST 2016

Hello Hall B; (from Mac Mestayer)

JLab is going to have its bi-annual Open House on
Sat., April 30th and Hall B will have an exhibit in
an outdoor open tent.  I am the Hall B contact person.

First, please send me an email using mestayer at jlab.org 
(don't "reply all") as to whether you can take a morning or 
afternoon shift. And yes - you will get a T-shirt so send me 
the size you want.

Second, tell me if you want to help prepare the exhibits.
We will have posters, videos and scale-models or prototypes
of detectors or whatever else you might think of.

The public is always very enthusiastic and they love it
if they can understand what we are measuring and also
how and why.  Ask your friends or spouse if they have
any questions; sometimes it's hard for us to know what
the public knows or is interested in.

Looking forward to the open house  - Mac

"mestayer at jlab.org <mailto:mestayer at jlab.org>", (757)-269-7252

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