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My last CATS closure email did not give sufficient information to close 
the corrective action so I will make another attempt. As per our 
conversations and Notable event report, the precaution of consulting 
Industrial hygiene should be taken whenever opening an insulating vacuum 
space on a superconducting magnet. This does not mean that every time 
you pump down a magnet you need to call IH. It means that when you 
remove a pump out line that has an un valved, direct connection to the 
vacuum space to a magnet you are required to give IH a call and let them 
do an evaluation. In addition, if someone has an adverse reaction to a 
vapor, odor, chemical, etc. you should send them to Oc-med just as was 
done for this incident. Please use your experience and discretion to add 
any other precautions as you deem necessary.

This email should answer the action necessary to close this CATS



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