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See the attached event from another DOE lab; may be good use as a tool box talk.
Please pass along as you see appropriate.


Here is some more info to share about the NREL event.

On October 18, 2016, a researcher in NREL's Energy Systems Integration Facility Hydrogen Production Lab noticed brown discoloration on the exterior of a three channel walkover cable protector. The researcher lifted the cover of the cable protector and identified additional discoloration on the interior of the cover as well as the conductor insulation, which suggested a potential heating issue. The researchers immediately powered down their experiment, disconnected the conductors and notified the Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) Point of Contact (POC).

The walkover cable protector housed eight electrical conductors connecting the research equipment to a nearby power supply junction box. The conductors are direct current, 100 Volts (V) and 1160 Amps and have been used in 8 hour blocks, approximately two to three times per week since their installation in October 2014. NREL's electrical safety Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), the ESH POC, and the
researcher examined the conductor insulation which showed that it was brittle and cracking in some places. This examination confirmed a heating issue within the cable protector. At this time, it was noted that four conductors were placed in two of the channels, which prevented proper heat dissipation. New conductors are being installed on October 20, 2016, and will receive an infrared scan/picture to determine what the baseline heat signature. NREL's electrical safety AHJ applied the Energy Facility Contractors Group's Electrical Severity Measurement tool and determined that the conditions of this occurrence rate an Electrical Severity score of 0, which equates to a low hazard.

Several pics attached.

2491 - new cables to replace to burnt ones.
2489 - less heat issue in this wire way. More channels, and less cables installed per channel.
2492 - two separate walkovers. One with less heat damage, only two conductors per channel. The other with severe damage, 4 conductors per channel.

100 VDC, 1160 amps. Hydrogen fuel stack was the load. Used 8 hours per day, just two days a week. All attended use.
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