[Hallb-engineering] Fwd: [ATLis] COMPLETED: CEBAF/Halls PSS Certification - Spring 2017

Douglas Tilles tilles at jlab.org
Wed May 24 10:46:35 EDT 2017

FYI  PSS testing is finished.   Doug

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Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2017 10:45:02 AM
Subject: [ATLis] COMPLETED: CEBAF/Halls PSS Certification - Spring 2017

CEBAF/Halls PSS Certification - Spring 2017 
05/24/17 10:39 COMPLETED by J_Kowal: 
Task completed. 
04/28/17 14:52 APPROVED by S_Suhring: 
Task approved.

Present schedule?

08 - Halls B, C
09 - Halls B, C, BSY
10 - S. Linac, Hall D, Tagger
11 - S. Linac, N. Linac, Hall D, Tagger
12 - N. Linac, Injector
13/14 - Repairs/retest as necessary
15 - All segments
16 - All segments
17 - All segments
18 - Repairs/retest as necessary 
04/26/17 10:35 EHS&Q REVIEW by T_Kujawa: 
see more comments... Hazard Identification Worksheet 
Task Hazard Analysis has been reviewed by EHS&Q group. 
General EHS&Q Hazards 

NO 	Do you require familiarization with the work area and its current state? Do you need to perform a pre-job walkdown? 
NO 	Are there MSDS requirements for the materials being used with which you are unfamilar? 
NO 	Will you be working with or mixing chemicals 
NO 	Will you create silica or nuisance dust? 
NO 	Will you be doing hot work (i.e.: welding, brazing, producing sparks by grinding or cutting ? or using a flame open flame bigger than a bic lighter? 
NO 	Will you be generating, or in an area of, excessive noise? 
NO 	Will you be in or around ionizing radiation , or non-ionizing radiant energy (i.e.: magnetic fields , radio frequency , microwave radiation )? 
NO 	Is the task performed in a confined space (i.e.: limited entry, egress, or poor ventilation exists.)? 
NO 	Does the task require compressed, liquefied, or solidified gases ? 
NO 	Does the task require work with materials subject to temperature extremes (i.e.: cryogenics )? 
NO 	Does the task require work in areas subject to temperature extremes (i.e.: heat stress or cold stress )? 
NO 	Will you be using material handling equipment ( fork trucks / attachments , cranes or hoists , tunnel vehicles , aerial work platforms )? 
NO 	Does the task involve the use of portable hand tools ? 
NO 	Does the work involve electrical hazards (i.e.: electronic equipment; construction/modification of electronic equipment; or energized AC electrical equipment )? 
YES 	Will you need to perform Lock, Tag, Try (i.e.: are there hazardous/stored energy sources such as electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, thermal or other forms of harmful energy that need to be controlled)? 
	We will be installing administrative locks only. There will no work performed on hazardous equipment. 
NO 	Does the task involve working four feet or more above floor level ? 
NO 	Will you be using a ladder or scaffolding ? 
NO 	Does the task involve lifting, pulling, pushing, or carrying heavy objects, or repetitive motion or other ergonomic issues ? 
NO 	Does the task involve work with pressurized or vacuum vessels ? 
NO 	Does the task involve blind/dig penetration (i.e.: excavation, digging into soil or demolition drilling or cutting into any wall, floor, or ceiling? 
NO 	Will you be using or producing hazardous material , will it require disposal or transport? (Use of Department of Transportation Hazardous Material Class 1 Explosives require DOE approval.) 
NO 	Will you be using or building lasers ? 
NO 	Any other hazards we may have overlooked with this list? 
Safety Controls 

NO 	Does the task affect any of the credited controls listed in the Accelerator Safety Envelope? 
NO 	Does the task affect any of the Defense-in-Depth Controls listed in the Facility Safety Assessment Document? 
NO 	Does the task affect any of the internal circuits, systems, or components of equipment interfaced to the PSS? 
NO 	Does the task require bypassing PSS safety functions ( Link to PSS Jumper Request ) 
NO 	Will the task affect infrastructure and utilities used by the PSS? 
NO 	Will the task affect other safety system components not listed above? 
Radiological Hazards 

NO 	Are there any radiological hazards associated with this task? Description of Task 
Perform PSS Certification test procedures on all segments of the CEBAF 
ring and all experimental halls Impact Statement 
Requires locking up sections of the machine and halls each day. Special Hazards/Safety Considerations 
SSG will be using their standard configuration locks during 
portions of the PSS Certification. 
Status Application: 	ATLis 
Task ID: 	17339 
Task Status: 	DONE 
Time Estimate: 	10 Days 
Required PSS: 	NA 
Priority: 	Immediately 
Scheduled: 	05/08/17 
Created: 	04/26/17 09:55 
Last Modified: 	05/24/17 10:39 
Created By: 	H_Robertson (x.7285) 
Owned By: 	H_Robertson (x.7285) 
Created For: 	OPS 
Responsible: 	H. Robertson, J. Kowal 
Project: 	Other - No Project 
Charge Code: 	
Risk Classification 
(pre-mitigation): 	1 
Risk Classification 
(post-mitigation): 	1 PPE Required 

    * Proper Work Clothes 
SAD Calendar 

    * 2017-05-08 SWING 
    * 2017-05-09 SWING 
    * 2017-05-10 SWING 
    * 2017-05-11 SWING 
    * 2017-05-12 SWING 
    * 2017-05-13 SWING 
    * 2017-05-14 SWING 
    * 2017-05-15 SWING 
    * 2017-05-16 SWING 
    * 2017-05-17 SWING 
    * 2017-05-18 SWING 

    * EH&S 
    * GUN 
    * DC PWR 
    * PSS 
    * OPS 
    * RADCON 
    * RF 
    * SW 

ENCLOSURE:     * Hall D 
    * Injector 
    * NLinac 
    * SLinac 
    * BSY 
    * Hall A 
    * Hall B 
    * Hall C 
BUILDINGS:     * BSYB (98) 
    * InjSB (53) 
    * NAB (67) 
    * NLSB (1) 
    * MCC (85) 
    * E2 (39) 
    * SAB (38) 
    * SLSB (2) 
    * W1 (82) 
    * W2 (68) 
LERF USER LABS: Elog References 

    * 3470921: 
    * 3471383: 
    * 3473701: 

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