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Sun Nov 19 07:35:02 EST 2017

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If the guard vacuum pump is a noise source into CLAS12, we could replace that pump with a remote pump of another type and put it far from the solenoid. All we would need is to run a 1/2"OD plastic tube from the pump which could be ~30 ft away and Tee it into the 1/4" OD tube that pumps the vacuum space between the O-rings on the relief valve. Then the original guard vacuum pump can be shut off. We could also put a local shut off valve near the tee and in the line to the remote pump so the remote pump and connection tube can be removed if the Solenoid has to be moved upstream. This is not a good permanent solution, but will suffice for the Winter runs until we warm the solenoid in Summer 2018 and rebuild the relief valve so as not to require guard vacuum.


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