[Hallb-engineering] [Revised Logentry] Follow-up Re: Hall B - Saclay Cryotarget - Load on ESR

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Tue Oct 3 13:50:03 EDT 2017

Logentry Text:
Test for Helium 4 running are complete.
Full target in steady state mode also required 0.9g/s of coolant 
Full target in batch fill mode required only 0.3g/s of coolant (average) thus this is the more economical method for cooling the target.

For reference, 0.3g/s is equivalent to 111slm (standard liters per minute) and this is the amount of flow that one Torus VCL takes when the Torus is at full current. 

The target gas will be converted to Hydrogen and the same set of tests will be repeated. The heat load may be a bit higher to prevent the H2 from freezing using electric heaters. We shall see.


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