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Since these congratulations messages didn't each go to all members of 
the Team, I am sharing them below so that you can also share them:

Jim Hawkins, Nuclear Physics, Federal Program Manager: "Congratulations 
to you and your team for its accomplishment of successfully completing 
the low power test much earlier than originally planned.  Your team's 
dedication in overseeing the fabrication and excellent planning once it 
arrived is extremely impressive."

Jehanne GIllo, Nuclear Physics, Director of Facilities & Project 
Management: "Thank you Allison, your team continues to impress!"

Mike Epps, TJSO, Federal Project Director: "Excellent work by the 
project team, the Hall B staff, and the Lab."

Allison: "Congratulations on this significant accomplishment! Only days, 
weeks, months of your collectively applied talent and dedication could 
have brought the magnet to this point. Well done!"

Mont: "Great job all round!!"

Stuart: "Great job everybody! Congratulations on this tremendous 

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