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Walt Akers will be sending out a more official note later today but here are the guidelines for the next 24 hours: 

1. Generators are being installed for the fans at the top of the dome. These generators will be turned off at 6pm today. 

2. Once the hall is unlocked (within the next 30 mins or so), we can work safely in the hall. 
BUT, the work leader/coordinator MUST have a head count of everyone working in the hall - our white board should suffice for this purpose. 

3. We can continue working in the hall after 6pm (even after the generators for the fans are turned OFF) but as per usual, follow all guidelines regarding working in pairs and responses to any ODH alarms that may go off. 

Walt reckons the new breaker should be installed by tomorrow afternoon. So the halls should return to normal operation by then. 

Please circulate this note (and any additional note from Walt Akers) to all potential workers in the hall. 



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