[Hallb-engineering] [New Logentry] Hall B cryo recovery

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Tue Feb 6 19:50:02 EST 2018

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We are recovering the Torus and Solenoid. 
19:35 Torus coil average temperature is 8.3K and cooling rate is 10K/hr, Solenoid T avg is 20.5 and cooling rate is 6K/hr, Solenoid lead reservoir has liquid but the Torus does not so we can't yet switch to cold return. Buffer dewar is refilling after dropping to 37% now it is up to 57%. Much of the automated recovery system worked. We did have to go into the Hall to reseal the relief valve RV8670 because it was leaking as seen on PT8677. It likely would have sealed but the min on EV8612_Max loop was not set to 0.0 (it is now). We increased the gains on EV8612 to get it to close faster after we got the _Max loop straightened out. 


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