[Hallb-engineering] 2/9 cRIO Reboots

Brian Eng beng at jlab.org
Fri Feb 9 11:57:42 EST 2018

Reboots are complete, it looks like the delay worked as there wasn't any gas related alarms (that I saw on clascss-alarm).

New pressure sensors for the CO2 supply have been added to cRIO, EPICS & CSS.
Note that we had to add 14.7 to the value to convert psia to psig

Currently the LOLO is 125, but I'm  not sure if that's a good value or not. Feel free to set to a better value if need be.

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> Subject: 2/9 cRIO Reboots

> The gas shed and forward carriage cRIOs will be rebooted today to implement some
> changes.
> - Adding additional precision to the LTCC C4F10 scale
> - Adding CO2 Supply Pressure sensors (taking the place of the DC Return H2O
> sensors)
> I'm going to try adding a delay in writing to the EPICS PVs in the hopes that it
> won't alarm things after the reboot.
> In the hopes we won't need to disable/re-enable alarms every time the cRIO is
> rebooted.
> Since this is the first time this will be tested I'm not sure how well it will
> work.
> Please disregard any gas system related alarms for the time being.

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