[Hallb-engineering] [New Logentry] Follow-up Re: Follow-up Re: Solenoid Magnet Reservior Supply Valve EV8612

kashy at jlab.org kashy at jlab.org
Mon Jan 29 12:20:02 EST 2018

Logentry Text:
Additional Cascade loop for EV8612_Max (max position)  added and commissioned. With this and the _Min loop we can now automatically close the valve if the relief valve blows and the guard vacuum does not recover. With the min and max at 0.0 the pressure should drop enough for the dual O-ring relief valve to seal. This will aid in:
1) possibly eliminating the need to access the Hall after a fast dump of the solenoid 
2) minimizing loss of helium
3) recovering the solenoid more quickly

One more PID is needed to assist in refilling faster after a dump. We are working on that with Wes.


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