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Hello Dave, 
The Hall C HMS magnets all tripped off around the time of the Hall A trip due to VCL flow interlocks. 
I don't see where a magnet started to warm up. Could you ID the magnet in question for us? 


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Follow-up Re: Controlled Ramp on VCL Flow 

Lognumber 3518798 . Submitted by kashy on Mon, 01/22/2018 - 00:13. 
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References: 	3518790 - Controlled Ramp on VCL Flow 

There were two events that effected our solenoid. 
1) the Hall A Q2 tripped and ramped down at 22:53 
This caused a large flow increase in the warm return line and thus temporary pressure increase. 
The solenoid lead flow bumped but it recovered. 
2) The Hall C magnet started to warm 
It looked like it went down first then went up. This may or may not have effected the Solenoid. 
At present all looks OK to continue the run 

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