[Hallb-engineering] [Revised Logentry] Solenoid Control - Change to make recovery after trip faster and more automated

kashy at jlab.org kashy at jlab.org
Mon Jan 29 15:25:02 EST 2018

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We setup and tuned a new cascade PID that controls the Set Value for a PID. This is the first one like this that I've ever used. The valve is PV8522SR and now we have a cascade PID PV8522SR_Val loop.
This loop adjusts the pressure setpoint of the Cold return valve PV8522SR from the operating point of 1.3 atm to allow a small trickle flow from the Lead Reservoir to the Magnet Reservoir of the of the  Solenoid at steady state to 1.45 Atm during a recool/refill of the Solenoid.

Now all we need is a Trip... (hopefully not for a while...) 


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