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Mon Jun 18 08:35:02 EDT 2018

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Torus and Solenoid temperatures have peaked and are falling sligthly. 
Torus average coil temperature average is 88.55K
Solenoid average coil tempeature average is 87.8K

4atm helium flow is slightly less than 5g/s

This week we will make some minor changes to the cryo system including:

1) Preliminary modifications to the solenoid magnet reservoir relief valve RV8670- (Remove the outer o-ring and shut off the guard vacuum pump)

2) Changing pnuematic valve PV8674 to a manual valve (MV8674)

3) Raising the superconducting helium level probe in the Torus so will read on scale at operating condition

All these operations require opening the helium system and venting some helium in the Hall. Durations of opening and minimization venting will be limited by using proper procedures including temporary plugs in the open pipes. 

After all modifications a full system static bleed down test will be done to determine if there are leaks and if there are then a leak hunt will be started.


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