[Hallb-engineering] [New Logentry] Follow-up Re: Hall B ESMTL (transferline from ESR to the Hall) vacuum

kashy at jlab.org kashy at jlab.org
Tue Mar 13 08:45:02 EDT 2018

Logentry Text:
At 08:15 I isolated the pump. After 15minutes of equalization time the convectron gage rose from 0mTorr to 3mTorr (500x less than yesterdays reading of 1.45Torr). This is good and so we don't really need to put a pump on the line at the ESR end. We will continue to pump the line until we are ready to flow 4.5K helium.

Other data:
Turbo ultimate 5E-8mBAr
Turbo reading before valving out 7E-6mBar
Tubbo reading after valving back in 2.5E-5mBar.
Iceball at vacuum break melted and VJ pipe is room temperature


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