[Hallb-engineering] cRIO Reboots

Brian Eng beng at jlab.org
Mon Mar 5 15:16:55 EST 2018

Only ended up only rebooting the space frame cRIO to get the new MFCs up and running quicker.
That caused MVT MFC temperature alarms because now we have more than 10 MFCs on this cRIO which is longer than the delay (10 sec).

Tomorrow during the longer downtime I'll move the DC R1-3 supply MFCs back to the gas shed (which was originally done to spread the load around).

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> The cRIO on the space frame and gas shed will be rebooted later today so that we
> can add the new MFCs for SVT testing.
> I'm hopeful that the delays that were added on reboot will be enough to not
> cause any alarms, but if they don't please ignore any gas related alarms until
> after the next email saying the reboots have been completed.
> Thanks

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