[Hallb-engineering] [New Logentry] Hall B Torus Trip on Feb 17 ~18:00

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Mon Feb 18 10:10:01 EST 2019

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Looking back at the event of yesterday ~18:00 it looks like the following set of events proceeded as follows:

Torus was at field and flow from ESR CFI6711B was running between 14 and 15g/s indicated (off by factor of 2 so really ~8g/s)
The LCW started a batch fill of the return reservoir at 16:43 from 39psig 
At ~17:52 the return pressure reached 64psig while the supply stayed constant between 113 and 116psig.

Also at ~17:52 the torus fast dumped (due to low dp of water on the power supply ~49psid)

At 17:51 and before TD8522TR indicated 6.6K
As the return temperature increased it warmed the supply temperature
By 17:54 this temperature started to rise to 7.1 then rise more quickly also at this time the supply temperature TD8512 was steady at 5.7K indicated but started to climb quickly to 8 and 9K

The warmer supply temperature choked off the supply flow and with this and the warmer temperature the level in the solenoid lead reservoir slowly dropped. This caused the solenoid to go to a controlled ramp.

Chris Perry closed the cold return valve from Hall B CEV6721 and this forced our warm torus to flow to the warm return line and allowed the supply temperature to drop and the flow to increase and recool the torus and fill up the solenoid.

Once the system was cold and partially filled he put he reopened his cold return and the Hall stabilized.

Carroll Jones is investigating two options for stabilizing the LCW pressure to the 3 Halls.

1) move the batch fill level switches
2) add a vent line to allow faster venting of nitrogen during a batch fill.

A third option of slower filling of the return tank with water may be a third option


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