[Hallb-engineering] [Revised Logentry] Solenoid flow Test

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Thu Jan 24 09:45:02 EST 2019

Logentry Text:
We forced the flow from the Solenoid Magnet Reservoir to go through the flow meters at 8:43 am. These are located on the return path to the warm return.
Only very small changes were noted versus having the full bypass flow by leaving MV8678BY Open. The attached plot shows as slight change in the reservoir pressure PT8670 when the BY valve was closed  0.002 atm and the calculated signal DP8670MAGDP change by .03 atm.

These changes were essentially reversed at 09:07 by opening MV8670.

The flow meter FI8678A read 105scfh (this is calibrated for air) with the conversion factor this is equivalent to 0.3g/s

It would be interesting to see the result with the magnet ramped up. I don't expect to see much different but there would be some additional (tiny) heat load from the splices.

FINALLY, I noticed taht an oscillation in the helium level and valve position has been running since ~9:30 on 1/14/2019. This was not the case before this time or during the previous run. LL8670SC is oscillating between 65 and 80%

I'll see if I can find a cause


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