[Hallb-engineering] [Dsg-hallb_magnets] Hall B magnet (solenoid and torus) - Check list to be completed before switching on the MPS

Brian Eng beng at jlab.org
Thu Jan 10 15:56:57 EST 2019

Hi Probir,

Most of DSG be busy with Hall C and HDIce work next week so we'll try and get the checklists done tomorrow (probably in the afternoon so we aren't trying to work in the same space as you and Nick).

Brian Eng
Detector Support Group

> On Jan 10, 2019, at 3:14 PM, Probir Ghoshal <ghoshal at jlab.org> wrote:
> Dear DSG HallB team,
> Happy new year to all.
> As we are preparing the magnets for run, the necessary modifications that was planned with the remote control crates of the MPS (both solenoid and torus) are complete and bench tested. But the the full test can only be accomplished upon switching on the MPS's and running to a lower current ~500A.
> In preparation of the same, the necessary check list are required to be signed off. The MPS check list is completed (signed copy is yet to be received, Onish), now will be checks to be completed on the hard-wired QD thresholds, and then followed by PLC/software limits for both Torus and solenoid.
> Nick and I will be carrying out the hard-wired checks, SOE mod and interlocks tomorrow morning (Magnets are already in the process of cool down to 4.5 K, lead by D Kashy).
> Suggest you all to please plan out the PLC/software checks in parallel or in the afternoon (if available). Else be advised to please do this at the earliest on Monday next week.
> Plan to run the magnet to lower current on Tuesday morning (if all cryo and hall activities permit).
> This will help all to prepare for the run in time and mitigate any actions that will be required to mitigate in a day or two.
> Please confirm your schedule and will work accordingly. Thanks for your support.
> Regards
> Probir

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