[Hallb-engineering] 1-hour hallbopi downtime this week

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Ok Nathan


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Subject: [Hallb-engineering] 1-hour hallbopi downtime this week

Hello All,

To fix new critical security issues, JLab's IT group would like to take hallbopi down for patching for an hour this week.

The current plan is to do it the morning of April 16, this Thursday, 5-6AM, and I'll send out a reminder the night before, after the decision is final and also tested on a less important server.

Note, this does *not* affect our slow-controls alarms or notification systems, nor your ability to 2-factor login to the Hall B online systems.  It only affects read-only, web-browser access to Hall B slow-controls systems at this URL:


Impact should be minimal.  If you see a problem with this plan, let me know.

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