[Hallb-engineering] [Revised Logentry] Follow-up Re: Hall B Torus and DBX Nitrogen System

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Wed Aug 12 08:35:02 EDT 2020

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The frequency of the Batch fills of Hall B LN2 is ~16-18hrs. AS seen in the first plot LL8554CP. After turning the heater min to 0 it has stayed off even though the primary control is active (pressure in the reservoir has remained above the 1.1 atm setpoint). It does look like the flow to Hall C is a oscillating more. (CFI6751C).

I am trying some fine tuning of the liquid supply valve EV8553 and its min/max loops to see if I can smooth out the oscillations and reduce the batch fill effects, but with a 16 hr period it could take a day or two to know if it helps or makes things worse. 

There was an early sign that a small effect can be seen. I made a change to the EV8553_min loop at 7:55 and the peak to peak change locally of Hall C LN2 flow (CFI6751C) reduced. See plot 2


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