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Fri Aug 14 13:40:01 EDT 2020

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This morning when calculating the flow rate I was surprised by the result of 163g/s.
I just realized why my calculation was much higher than expected

The annulus is between 6NPS sch 10 with an od of 6.625" and a wall thickness of .134" and the inner pipe of 5NPS with an OD of 5.63' (see attachment for ESMTL)

So the area is 7.43sq in.

This changes the volume 234 liters.

It also changes the flow rate to 61g/s.

The reason for my stressing over this was that it was 160g/s is much higher than the 50g/s that was supposed to be the flow limit (via max valve position of EV6751A, B, C) to each of the 3 experimental Halls for GN2 ODH reasons.

Now the (~measured) flow of 61 and 50 are quite close and I'm much more comfortable.

Have a nice weekend all!



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