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Mon Feb 17 16:20:02 EST 2020

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After the Solenoid recovered from the Fast Dump it recooled in 3 hrs automatically, but the system was oscillating. We have seen this in the past and we put vacuum pumps on the 4K return U-tube and the shield return U-tube to the vaporizer. This helped reduce the oscillation very quickly but it too many more hours to fully break the oscillation. A pump was also put on the supply U-tube after the oscillation was nearly gone.

To reduce the time to get stable the Minimum allowable position of the cascade PID for EV8611JT_min was increased from 45 to 55 and this helped immediately, it was later set to 53 for overnight.
The solenoid it at setpoint of 1933A and the Torus in 100A from setpoint of 3770A


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