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Hello everyone,

RG-B is planing to have end-pf-run luncheon, see below message from Silvia. You all are invited.


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Dear all,
on Thursday, January 30th, we'll have a little, informal, end-of-run party
for RGB, at the Great Room of the Residence Facility, from 12PM to 3PM.
You are all invited!!
The idea is a "potluck-if-you-can" kind of party. You are welcome and free
to bring food or drinks (soft drinks only, as we are not allowed to have
alcohol), and if you can't, it's ok anyway. Feel free to bring friends,
significant others, kids, etc.
Please let me know in a private email if you're planning to attend, and to
bring something, and what, and/or someone, so that we can make sure there
is enough food and drinks for everyone.
And please share this message to whoever you think should have been
informed and I forgot :-)
Thank you all and best regards,

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