[Hallb-engineering] ioc reboots next Tuesday

David Kashy kashy at jlab.org
Thu Nov 12 18:11:30 EST 2020

Hi Nathan,
It would be much better for the IOC's that are used for the Torus, Solenoid and Buffer  Dewar are rebooted during the  day shift.

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Subject: ioc reboots next Tuesday

Hello All,

Next Tuesday evening, November 17, JLab's IT group plans to push out some site-wide changes that will require rebooting all our Hall B slow controls machines in the counting house.

This should ideally mean ~10 minutes of interruption of EPICS feedback some time between 6 and 8 PM.  And then optionally people having to relogin to clon machines and recheck their systems afterwards.

If necessary, we could potentially delay the reboots until the following day during normal work hours, although that would need to be known in advance.

If you have strong opinions on this, e.g. if you need full EPICS uptime on the evening of the 17th and prefer to wait until the following day, please let me know.

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