[Hallb-engineering] [New Logentry] RC Report for Sunday, December 5, 2021

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Sun Dec 5 11:15:01 EST 2021

Logentry Text:
Last 24 hours
- The accelerator has been running very smoothly
- We still are having the occasional DAQ issue.
   * Sat. 14:00 Sergey switched us back to PROD66_noVTPread, we'll use that for now.
- Sun. 8:00, we switched to the Sn target and began a luminosity scan
   * We could not get higher than 100 nA because of high occupancy in the OUTER DCs, possibly due to EM background hitting the hub of the torus. Florian also noticed higher rates in BAND.
- Sun. 10:00, we finished the luminosity scan, and I decided that we will use 90 nA for production.
   * Sun. Rafo performed a calibration of the transmission through the beam blocker to the Faraday cup.
- Sun. 10:20, started production on Sn (run 15319)

- The DAQ trouble seems to be continuing, so be alert on shift and call Sergey
- The usual MVT trips.
- At 7:30 AM on Sun., we lost communication to Sector 1 ECal HV. At first, the data in sector 1 continued to look ok, so we pressed on. But at 10:50 AM, we lost FTOF, and all triggers in sector 1. Nathan was able to reboot the HV crates remotely and restore communication and HV. We stopped run 15319, and started new production run at 11:00 AM (Run 15320).

The plan moving forward:
- We will take as much Sn data as possible in these next 21 hours
- Tomorrow we will have a full day access to switch to Ca-48
- We will do another luminosity scan on Ca-48 to establish nominal current and plan to take production data on Ca-48 until Friday.

The usual meetings resume tomorrow at the usual times (7:45 PD report, 8:00 MCC, 15:30 RC Meeting)

Hoping today's running is easy like Sunday morning,


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