[Hallb-engineering] Hall B access tomorrow Feb. 28

Probir Ghoshal ghoshal at jlab.org
Tue Feb 27 13:34:32 EST 2024

Dear Denny,

I would like to the VCL and access inside the Lexam box by removing. to access the heaters.
I understand that the 110V ac heaters (a total of 4) have the fuses and was checked by earlier and found okay.
I will suggest the team (engg) to open up the box (with necessary LOTO to the MPS) and do as necssary and start using a heater/blower to melt the ice.
Brian and o will be there to see as soon as the we can access the heater elements, temperature sensors and/or Klixon.

Please let me know, if that is doable and we cam plan out accordingly.

Morgan - Please let me know if you are available and necessary ePass are available for working in the hall in general at 110V ac
Krister - ePass available for LO the SC magnet MPS's (not accessing inside the MPS).

This is important to start else we will not be able to access the heating element...ITS SOLID ICE as i see in the log entry..!


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The machine will be down tomorrow (Wednesday Feb. 28) for a combined maintenance day/beam
studies day starting at 7 a.m.. Hall B will be in controlled access. Please let me know if you have
any work plans in the hall so that we can make sure that we have enough keys available.

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