[Hallb] Letter of Intent for the polarized EMC effect

Will Brooks brooksw at jlab.org
Fri Dec 11 15:47:56 EST 2009

Dear CLAS collaborator,

  Linked below is a draft letter of intent for CLAS12 that is planned to 
be submitted to PAC 35 on Monday morning. It describes a measurement of 
the "polarized EMC effect," that is, the modification of the g1 spin
structure function of the proton within the nuclear medium. Your
comments are solicited, and you are welcome to join the effort if you
are interested.

The document builds on the work from the 6 GeV letters of intent (V.
Dharmawardane, LOI-06-003; A. Deur and X. Zheng, LOI-06-004) and
benefits from an increased level of participation by theory experts (A.
W. Thomas, I. Cloet, W. Bentz, V. Guzey). Section 1 is expected to
evolve somewhat further over the weekend.

Best regards,

  - Will


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