[Hallb] [Clas_members] start of eg6 delayed

Alexander Vlassov vlassov at jlab.org
Wed Sep 30 23:28:55 EDT 2009

Mac Mestayer wrote:
> Collaboration:
> A decision has been made to try to fix a leak in
> Cerenkov counter, sector 5.
> Shifts are now scheduled to begin on Friday, October 2nd
> at 4pm (swing shift - Friday).  No shifts before that time.
> Note: ALL shift personnel are required to read the documents
> (COO, ESAD, etc,) in the YELLOW eg6 binder in the counting
> house and to sign in the appropriate place.
>  				your pdl, Mac
> "mestayer at jlab.org", (757)-269-7252
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Just be SURE that BEFORE anything the Cerenkov HV is OFF or DISABLED !

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