[Hallb] PAC36 and PAC37

burkert burkert at jlab.org
Wed Aug 25 17:01:04 EDT 2010

Congratulations to all who contributed to the success of PAC36! All CLAS 
proposals received the requested beam time. Together with the PAC35 
results CLAS12 has now 310 days of fully approved beam time.

The date for the PAC37 meeting has been set for the week of January 
2011. The scientific ratings and beam time assignments will be done for 
the category of 3D structure of the nucleon and experiments searching 
for effects beyond the Standard Model.  For Hall B this includes all 
DVCS, DVMP, and SIDIS experiments (E12-06-007, E12-06-108, E12-06-112, 
E12-07-119, E12-09-007, E12-09-008, E12-09-009) for a total requested 
beam time of about 800 days! Clearly, we need to put very significant 
effort into the preparation of this PAC37. In addition, the PAC will 
review new proposals. On our  long list of PAC supported LOI's there are 
several that may be mature enough to be submitted as full proposals. 
Also, deferred proposals maybe resubmitted.

We cannot begin early enough with the preparation of PAC37!

Volker Burkert

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