[Hallb] CLAS shifts

Brian A Raue baraue at sarah.fiu.edu
Wed Dec 22 08:35:05 EST 2010

Dear CLAS Shift Takers,
	The power supply for the injector died last night.  Initially it was 
thought that we would be down for the remainder of the year--that is the 
last three shifts would be canceled.  However, they are going to attempt 
to replace the power supply and get beam back tonight.  So the day shift 
is canceled but shift takers should remain on call in case we get back 
to running tonight.  I will keep you updated.

Brian Raue
TPE Run Coordinator
Dr. Brian A. Raue
Department of Physics			Office: 305-348-3958
Florida International University	Lab: 305-348-6039
University Park				Fax: 305-348-6700
Miami, FL 33199

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