[Hallb] PAC35

burkert burkert at jlab.org
Fri Jan 29 15:53:26 EST 2010

Dear Colleagues,

We have the results of the PAC35. Hall B had only one proposal submitted 
PR-12-010, which was deferred. Main reason, the PAC was not convinced 
that the additional beam time for the 8.8GeV and 6.6 GeV running was 
well enough motivated.  We need to come back with that at another PAC 
when the physics motivation is more transparent. In general, the PAC 
liked the SIDIS program very much as an essential part of the 12 GeV 
program, To the proponents of PR-12-010, don't be discouraged!

All 5 LOI's were approved/supported in the sense that they should be 
turned into proposals. The PAC strongly recommends to include LOI-004 
into LOI-001 (the spectroscopy program). It seems to me the PAC would 
like to see a broad spectroscopy program. However, they like to see more 
evidence that partial-wave analysis for complicated final states of wide 
resonances can be done in CLAS12. The also like to see a common proposal 
for LOI-008 and LOI-009.
The PAC rated two Hall B proposals, one at A- and one at B+. In general 
the PAC reduced the requested beam time for most of the approved 
experiments that received a scientific rating.

The next regular PAC will be in the week of January 10, 2011.

There is likely going to be an intermediate PAC this summer dedicated to 
scientific rating of one or more physics categories.

Best regards,
Volker Burkert

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