[Hallb] Last SAF111 training before the Hall closes

Alexandre Deur deurpam at jlab.org
Wed Sep 15 16:08:30 EDT 2010

Dear collaborator,

         I am planing to conduct a SAF111 training (Hall B safety 
walkthrough) next week. This will be the last one I give before the Hall 
closes. This training is needed to work in the Hall and to take shifts. If 
you are interested, please let me know what is the best day/time for you. 
The preferred time is 3pm.

 	We will meet in the Hall B counting room. Make sure you bring your 
dosimeter and you wear full covering shoes (no sandal allowed in Hall B). 
Please contact me in advance if you don't have a dosimeter. Let me know if 
you have any question.

             Thank you,

Alexandre Deur
Jefferson Lab
Suit 5 Room 12_1/B127
12000 Jefferson Av. Newport News VA 23606
Phone 757-269-7526

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