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Volker Burkert burkert at jlab.org
Mon Jul 18 13:41:06 EDT 2011

  Dear Colleagues,

  since you probably cannot get a link to the JLab web page, I copied
  the minutes of the meeting to this text file.

  Best regards,

  Volker Burkert

  Hall B Group Meeting Minutes: July 18, 2011

You can view this document and the minutes of previous meetings on the 
web at http://clasweb.jlab.org/group_meeting_minutes/Physics/


*Present:* Gegham Asryan, Harut Avakian, Vitaly Baturin, Volker Burkert 
(chair), Daniel Carman, Annalisa D'Angelo, John Domingo, Latifa 
Elouadrhiri, Francois-Xavier Girod, Javier Gomez, Tsueneo Kageya, Dave 
Kashy, Puneet Khetarpal, Alex Kubarovsky, Valery Kubarovsky, Bert 
Manzlak, Jeff Mazurek, Mac Mestayer, Taisiya Mineeva, Victor Mokeev, 
Bogdan Niczyporuk, Kijun Park, Eugene Pasyuk, Sergey Pozdnyakov, Yelena 
Prok, Andrew Sandorfi, Youri Sharabian, Stepan Stepanyan, Doug Tilles, 
Maurizio Ungaro, Hakob Voskanyan, Xiangdong Wei, Dennis Weygand


    * Over the past two weeks the JLab IT Division has been dealing with
      a cyber-event. Services and access should now be fully restored.
      Contact the JLab Help Desk if you have questions, find a problem,
      or need assistance.

    Environment, Health, and Safety Issues

    * Due to some minor flooding in the accelerator from the significant
      rainfall of a few weeks ago, there was a slip and fall accident.
      New lab policy is that no work is allowed in areas with standing
      water until the water problem is dealt with and clean up has been

    * For students visiting JLab for work this summer, please make sure
      that they receive all required training. Also be sure that they
      are given a safety walkthrough of the areas in which they will be

    * There is a lot of activity in Hall B during the shutdown. All work
      in Hall B must be coordinated through the Hall B work coordinator
      Doug Tilles. If Doug is not available, then contact the associate
      work coordinator Denny Insley.

    * The most relevant location for JLab safety documentation is the
      JLab ESH&Q web page
      All staff, contractors, and users are responsible for the material
      in this manual.

    * The HBLis <http://devweb.acc.jlab.org/CSUEApps/batlist/atlis.php>
      protocol should be used for all Hall B related work that requires
      personal protective equipment, man lift use, crane work, and any
      work that involves an OSP or TOSP. If there are any questions on
      the use of this form, please contact Doug Tilles. A list of all
      JLab work list is included on the JLab listsites
      <http://www.jlab.org/listsites/> web page.


    * The technical reviews of the proposals submitted for PAC38 are now
      underway. The review committee will be meeting this week to
      finalize their findings.

    * Several proposals with more technically challenging proposals have
      been set aside for a more detailed independent review.

    Conference Reports

    * Victor Mokeev gave the first of two reports on details regarding
      nucleon resonance spectroscopy from the recent HADRON2011
      conference in Germany. Please see his review slides
      if you are interested.

    Hall B Work

    * Work on the drift chamber repairs remains in progress. Presently
      repairs on three sectors have been completed.

    * The electrical work that has been ongoing on the Space Frame
      associated with the 12 GeV upgrade has been completed.

    HD-Ice Progress

    * The In-Beam Cryostat (IBC) has been fully reassembled and cool
      down began last week. Presently the system is at about 6 K. The
      cooling timeline in the HD-Ice Lab is a bit longer than in Hall B
      as the liquid helium supply is just a fraction of what is
      available in the direct connection in the hall. Presently the work
      on the target is reasonably on schedule. The plan is to move the
      target back to Hall B starting at the end of August.

    12-GeV Update

    * Some brief updates were provided today:
          o PCAL: the stacking of the first module has been completed.
            The plan is to close the box this week and then to glue the
            fibers into their holders and then to begin polishing. The
            schedule has the stacking of the second module beginning at
            the end of August.
          o FTOF (panel-1b): USC has now received 90 PMT assemblies with
            another 43 to be delivered this week. Testing is in
            progress. The prototype backing structures were tested
            successfully and the testing report is being finalized.
            There will be communication with Astro Machine this week to
            begin preparations of the production units. The first
            production shipment of scintillation bars is on target for
            delivery within the next two or three weeks.
          o CTOF: Procurement preparations are underway for the
            downstream PMTs and light guides. Recent design work has
            made good progress in resolving space issues between the
            CTOF, the neutron detector, and the central tracker.
          o DC: Stringing of Region 2 chambers continues at Old Dominion
            University. The first carbon-fiber shell for Region 3 has
            been ordered. The Region 1 sector being strung at JLab is
            about half done. The readiness review for Region 1 stringing
            at Idaho State University is scheduled for Aug. 18 and
            working on preparing their clean room is underway.
          o Magnets: Dave Kashy and Lionel Quettier have been spending
            significant time at WANG NMR, the vendor of the CLAS12 torus
            and solenoid magnets. There has been good progress in
            winding the prototype torus coil with many of the final
            techniques developed and honed. There has also been good
            progress on the design of the solenoid coil support structure.

    * There will be a series of Hall B presentations focussing on
      progress and plans for the different subsystems of the CLAS12
      detector that will take place through the fall.

          o Youri Sharabian gave a presentation reviewing details of the
            HTCC design and construction status. If you are interested,
            please see his slides


      Recorded by Daniel S. Carman <mailto:carman at jlab.org>.

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