[Hallb] Independent Project Review of the Upgrade Project Re-baseline

burkert burkert at jlab.org
Sun May 12 12:15:36 EDT 2013

Dear all,

The review of the 12 GeV Upgrade re-baseline took place last week May 7 
- 9, 2013. Glenn Young presented the magnet status, risk and risk 
mitigation for all 8 superconducting magnets in the project (Hall 
B/C/D). Dave Kashy presented the design status and manufacturing plan of 
the Hall B Torus magnet, and John Hogan, the SOTR for the Hall B 
Solenoid magnet procurement, presented the status and schedule of that 

The Hall B part of the project was covered in a 90 min presentations of 
Latifa on the proposed re-baselining of the CLAS12 detector, 
electronics, magnet systems andinstallation in terms of cost and schedule

The result of the review for the entire upgrade project, was highly 
positive and the committee fully recommended the proposed new baseline 
to DOE for approval after a number recommendations on the magnets have 
been implemented.

In summary, this was a highly successful review!

As the superconducting magnets for all Halls are main contributor to 
cost and schedule, JLab management had established a Magnet Task Force 
and pulled together resources from across the laboratory. The Task Force 
contributed heavily to the success of the review.

I like to thank the Hall B staff and all detector groups in the CLAS 
collaboration who contributed to this great success. Your contributions 
have been essential in keeping the detector construction on schedule. I 
also like to encourage everyone to let your teams know how much you 
appreciate their effort in making CLAS12 a successful project.

With my best regards,
Volker Burkert

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